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Rhossili Sunflowers Family Photography Session | Rhossili Bay, Gower

Rhossili Bay, located on the beautiful coastline of Wales, is not only known for its stunning scenery and coastline but also for its increasingly popular sunflower fields. I was more than happy to be asked to photography Ava and her parents during the height of the sunflower season. Ava was the same age as my little girl so I was completely ready for the chaos of what being a two year old entails! She was perfect and being two is all about being immersed in everything around you so taking photos couldn't have been anymore natural as she explored the fields and wildlife.

A few from our session at Rhossili Sunflowers, located at the Vile at the iconic Rhossili:

Location - Rhossili Sunflowers:

To book a family photography session feel free to get in touch and we can discuss the flexible options available, there's no need to fully commit to provisional bookings. If the weather takes a turn for the worse, it's no problem we just reschedule. More information available at the Portrait section.


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